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RX-795 Reflex Sight

The RX-795 can be installed on most optic-ready guns by using the mounting plate provided by your firearm manufacture. If your firearm has a Picatinny rail, you can use the Picatinny mount included with your Cuda reflex sight. For other firearms, you may need to purchase a mounting plate from a third-party manufacturer. See our Mounting Guide for more details.

The RX-795 is powered by a single CR1632 3V lithium coin cell battery which lasts approximately X hours under normal use.

Your Cuda sight features IntelliDOT for uniform reticle brightness in all environments. But if you prefer a reticle that is brighter or dimmer than the one chosen by IntelliDOT, you can specify an “Intensity Offset” for IntelliDOT to use when calculating your reticle’s intensity. See section 4.4.1 Specifying Your Intensity Offset on page 26.

The RX-795 is currently available in red but will be soon available in green. Color selection can be made using the drop-down menu before adding the item to your cart.

The RX-795 is designed to be fully automatic, so you won’t be inconvenienced with a power button. Simply pick up the unit and it will instantly turn on. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the RX-795 will automatically shut off to conserve battery life.

First, remove any loose dirt with a small brush or compressed air. Then, using the supplied microfiber cloth or a soft cleaning cloth of your choice, gently remove any remaining dirt from the housing and lens. A small amount of water or rubbing alcohol may be used to dampen the cloth.

Yes. The RX-795 is IPX rated to be waterproof up to X meters for X minutes.

Please visit our Warranty Page to review the full terms of the warranty.

The RX-795 weighs X ounces.

The RX-795 is X mm long, Y wide, and Z mm tall.

(1) Cuda RX-795 reflex sight, (1) Picatinny mounting plate, (4) #X mounting screws, (1) microfiber lens cleaning cloth, (1) user manual, (1) Allen wrench, and (1) CR1632 battery.

Parallax occurs when the position of an object appears to change when viewed from different lines of sight. For example, if you look through the lens of a poorly engineered reflex sight, you may see the dot move away from your target as the position of your eye changes. The RX-795, however, is designed to be parallax free up to 1,000 yards. That is, even though the position of your eye may change (up, down, left or right of center), the dot will remain on your target. For a demonstration of this effect, watch the video below.

MOA stands for Minute of Angle. One MOA is equal to 1/60th of one degree in a circle. A dot that is 1-MOA will appear to be approximately 1 inch in diameter on a target that is 100 yards away. A dot that is 3-MOA will appear 3 inches in diameter at the same distance. See What is MOA? for more information.

Cuda RX-795 on picatinny mounting plate
  • Cuda RX-795 Reflex Sight

    Cuda RX-795 Reflex Sight

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