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Three Cuda RX-795 reflex sights mounted to optics ready pistols leaning against a green ammo case

Cuda RX-795 Reflex Sight

Cuda RX-795 red dot reflex sight on picatinny rail

Instant On

The Cuda RX-795 is ready when you are. Just pick it up and the internal motion sensor instantly turns it on. After 10 minutes of motionlessness, it will automatically shut off to conserve battery life.

Man in a jungle at night holding a pistol with a Cuda RX-795 red dot reflex sight

Auto Brightness

A photocell located on the front of the unit detects the amount of light coming from the direction of your target. Whether you’re in a dimly lit room or outside in the sun, the Cuda RX-795 will automatically adjust the brightness of its reticle for optimum visibility.

Woman holding an AR rifle with a Cuda RX-795 reflex sight mounted on top

3-MOA Red Dot

The Cuda RX-795 sight features a circle/dot reticle in your choice of red or green LED. The 30 MOA circle enables faster, more accurate target acquisition at close range, while the 2 MOA dot provides for precision at longer ranges.


The Cuda RX-795 is currently available with a 3-MOA red dot. Our 3 MOA dot enables fast target acquisition at close ranges while also providing precision at longer ranges. Our 6 MOA dot is ideal for close-quarters, home-defense scenarios.

The Cuda RX-795 is currently available with a 3-MOA red dot, ideal for both long-range shooting and home/self-defense scenarios. A green dot and 6-MOA option will be available soon.

Cuda ClearVision

Competitive shooters and home/self-defense enthusiasts understand the need for fast target acquisition, and so do we! That’s why our engineers have developed our Cuda ClearVision standards. We want nothing to stand in the way of acquiring your target.

Minimal Artifacts

Visual artifacts caused by ambient light reflecting off surfaces and back into the lens of an open reflex sight can disorient the user and make target acquisition difficult. We’ve engineered the Cuda RX-795 to significantly minimize artifacts so you can stay on target.

The Cuda RX-795 reflex sight mounted to a gun with a dovetail mounting plate
Low Distortion

Poorly engineered reflex sights may have you feeling as if you’re looking through a fisheye lens or at a funhouse mirror. Not so with a Cuda RX-795. Our lenses are manufactured to specifications providing low distortion to keep your sight picture true.

Blonde woman looking through the lens of a Cuda RX-795 red dot reflex sight on a rifle
Reduced Coatings

Reflex lenses contain special coatings that increase the intensity of the reflected reticle and reduce the need for brighter, more power-hungry LEDs. Unfortunately, the result can be a lens that appears more colored than clear glass. Cuda reflex sights, however, feature high-efficiency LEDs, so we are able to reduce coatings for a clearer sight picture without greatly impacting battery life.


Parallax occurs when the position of an object appears to change when viewed from a different line of sight. In a red dot sight, parallax can mean the difference between missing or making your shots. The Cuda RX-795 has been engineered to be parallax free up to 1,000 yards.

Picatinny Mount Included
Water Proof
Fog Proof
Shock Proof
1x Magnification

Reticle Type:

3 MOA Dot

Reticle Color:

Red or Green



Power Source:

CR1632 Battery (included)

Battery Life:

Me run long time


L” x W” x H” (L mm x W mm x H mm)


A few ounces


Matte black

Housing Material:

Machined Adamantium

Windage & Elevation Adjustments:

1 MOA per click

Model Comparison
Model Comparison
Cuda RX-795 red dot reflex sight
Sample Cuda RX-895 with the words Coming Soon over it



Automatic Brightness

Adjustable Brightness

Cuda RX-795 Reflex Sight


What's in the Box

(1) Cuda RX-795 reflex sight, (1) Picatinny mounting plate, (4) #X mounting screws, (1) lens cleaning cloth, (1) user manual, (1) Allen wrench, and (1) CR1632 battery

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