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  • IntelliDOT
    • Updates reticle intensity 10x/second to maintain ideal reticle brightness in changing light.
  • Instant on
    • Automatically turns on when you use it.
  • Enhanced shutoff
    • Automatically turns off when not in use (e.g. holstered or in a safe). (See Enhanced Shutoff.)
  • Self-diagnostics
    • Automatically performed at shutdown. Tests are conducted on the LED, light and motion sensors, as well as the battery.
  • Battery level check
    • Automatically performed during self-diagnostics (previous bullet) or can be initiated on-demand through the Settings menu. Results of on-demand tests are indicated by a combination of audible tones and LED flashes. (See Battery Level Check.)
  • Personalized intensity
    • Specify your personal “Intensity Offset” for IntelliDOT to use each time it calculates your reticle’s intensity, so it’s always just as bright as you like it. (See Intensity Offset.)
  • Micro speaker
    • For low battery alerts, diagnostic test results, and to provide audible confirmation when using the Settings menu. Audio is enabled by default but can be disabled in the Settings Menu. (See Audio.)
  • Settings menu
    • Contains four selectable options: 1) Battery Level Check & On-demand Diagnostics; 2) Intensity Offset; 3) Enhanced Shutoff; and 4) Audio. (See Settings Menu.)
  • Ambient light sensor
    • Continually measures light at your target.
  • Accelerometer
    • Used to detect motion generated by SecureTaps (next bullet) and to understand the sight’s orientation.
  • SecureTaps
    • Buttonless tap controls used to securely access the Settings menu. SecureTaps guarantee the Settings menu cannot be accessed accidentally through normal use. (See SecureTaps.)
  • Military-style hybrid flex PCB
    • Flexible circuit boards increase vibration resistance, improve durability, reduce, size and weight, and help eliminate the need for extra mechanical connectors.
  • High-efficiency LED
    • Uses less power to provide an even brighter reticle than a typical LED.
  • Reticle type
    • Dot
  • Reticle color
    • Red (green coming soon)
  • Reticle size
    • 3 or 6 MOA (see our article What is MOA?)
  • Cuda ClearVision lens
    • Engineered to minimize light artifacts, remove optical distortion, and provide a clearer sight picture.
  • 10-year stand-by battery Life
    • Engineered for years of outstanding performance on a single CR-1632 lithium coin battery (included).
  • Versatile mounting
  • Ruggedized housing
    • Matte black, 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Adjustable windage & elevation
    • 1-MOA per click
  • Waterproof Rating
    • IPX7 – submersed one meter for 30 minutes
  • Fog Proof
  • Shock Proof
  • Picantinny mount included
  • 1x Magnification
  • 5-year warranty
  • Customer support
    • USA-based customer support from Casselberry, Florida
Cuda RX-795 on picatinny mounting plate
  • Cuda RX-795 Reflex Sight

    Cuda RX-795 Reflex Sight


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